• Datum: 21-11-2023

Interview with John Boon On "Adding A New Chapter To The Book Of A Place"

John Boon recently sat down for an exclusive interview for World Architecture. He discussed his working philosophy as a landscape architect and some of our most successful projects.

"I like to say: landscape is a book, and we only add a chapter, we don't rewrite the whole book." This is how John Boon introduces his working philosophy as a landscape architect in an exclusive interview to the World Architecture Community. This is a vision that stems from his background in both science and the humanities, which has earned him several international awards, such as, for example, the one he won last July 7 at the Milan Triennale in the CityScape awards 2023, with the Zuidpolder Landscape Park in the Rotterdam Region. A project that summarizes the importance of functional solutions "so as to make environments attractive to the people who live in them, who can also recognize these within a traditional landscape." And in this regard, John states that he “did not try to make tabula rasa, but to reuse what already exists." Indeed, he says: "we approached the existing landscape as if it were a book that just needed a new chapter."

Read the full interview on World Architecture: (https://worldarchitecture.org/architecture-news/fzfeg/john-boon-on-adding-a-new-chapter-to-the-book-of-a-place-.html)