• Datum: 14-07-2023

Another win! First prize for Zuidpolder Barendrecht at the Milano Triennale

Milan, Italy - We are incredibly proud to share that last Friday we have again won a prize for our project Zuidpolder Barendrecht. After the 'European Garden Award' a few weeks ago, this time we have won the ´City´Scape Award 2023'. in the category CITY LANDSCAPE A2, focusing on the landscape redevelopment of fringe territories, we received the first prize again.

During the well-attended symposium in the Triennale Milano Italy, the jury expressed it on the following grounds:
“For the accurate reinterpretation of the landscape structure of the polder through the identification of new opportunities for the adjustment of the hydrographic system and the improvement of the ecological conditions of the reclamation landscape, at the same time declining the value of a peri-urban natural area as an opportunity for the inclusion of new recreational functions”.

We also congratulate the other winners and again our client Gemeente Barendrecht.

'Grazie mille' Paysage Topscape and the jury!

See more about this project at: https://landscape-architects.nl/en/projects/metropolitaan-zuidpolderpark