• Client: Federation of Belgium
  • Location: Flemish Coast
  • Year: 2018-2020

Vlaamse Baaien

Flemish Coast - As a result of climate change, in the future we will be confronted with periods of extreme rainfall, heat, drought and changes in sea level. There is a real chance of a more significant rise in sea levels than was predicted ten years ago. What action will need to be taken to maintain our coastal protection if this does happen? How can we guarantee safety levels in the long term, up to 2050? And are there measures we can take that will create added value in other areas?

Project data

LocationFlemish Coast
AssignmentVision, Design study
SizeBelgian coast, stretching 67 kilometers
ClientFederation of Belgium
TeamHans Smolenaers, Liza van Alphen, Joep van Baast, Djina Bruine de Bruin
Copyright imagesArcadis
Vlaamse Baaien
Vlaamse Baaien

Following the Coastal Safety Master Plan, which guarantees water safety up to 2050, the Flemish government is working on a long-term vision up to 2100, known as the Complex Project Coastal Vision. Arcadis has been appointed, alongside Ecorys, to develop various scenarios and plan alternatives, and to study the effects of these on nature and the environment, as well as the financial consequences. We will be looking at the impact on the nature and environment along the Flemish coast, together with our Belgian specialists.

We have visualized the complex scenarios and opportunities as building blocks.  These building blocks imagine the possible civil engineering solutions and ecological and maritime processes. The spatial consequences of the measures taken on the waterfronts in towns, cities and villages have also been taken into account. The balance between the many different interests in relation to seaports, fisheries, energy facilities, recreation, ecology and tourism make for a complex but challenging project. 

Through this design study, we are contributing to a safe Flemish coast up to the year 2100.