• Client: Municipality of Teylingen
  • Location: Kagerplassen
  • Year: 2009-2017

Leidse Ommelanden

Kagerplassen - The Leidse Ommelanden program makes Leiden and the surrounding area more attractive for inhabitants and visitors alike. In 2015, the municipality entered a cooperation agreement with Leiden and the neighboring municipalities. They agreed to invest, time, money, land and people hours to achieve a sustainable ‘city and country system’. This is a network of routes, which begin and end in Leiden’s Singelpark, and which run through the outskirts of the city and the rural Leidse Ommelanden. There are various attractive spots for a long or short stay on and along the routes.

Project data

LocationKagerplassen Google Maps
AssignmentMaster plan, strategy
ClientMunicipality of Teylingen
TeamSjaak Punt, Ferry Streng, Hans Smolenaers
In collaboration withDijk Stad & Land
Leidse Ommelanden
Leidse Ommelanden
Leidse Ommelanden
Leidse Ommelanden
Leidse Ommelanden

Value is added through initiatives that improve and enhance the nature and recreational opportunities in the area. The aim was for the initiatives to contribute to a better connection between Leiden and the surrounding countryside: the Leidse Ommelanden. This also includes the Kagerzoom area and Kagerplassen lakes. We worked together with landowners and users in the area, to develop a future plan for the Kagerzoom area. This future plan is aligned with the needs of users in the area. 

We engaged with as many people as possible, through surveys and street interviews. A delegation of stakeholders and interested parties contributed knowledge and ideas in order to identify a development direction. This took place through workshops.

More and more cyclists and walkers who want to enjoy the nature and culture around the Kagerplassen are beginning to use the ‘Rondje Kaag’ route. Now that there are firm plans for the south side - Zijdijk to Kaageiland - visitors will be able to stay closer to the water in the future.