• Client: Prorail
  • Location: Driebergen-Zeist
  • Year: 2014

Driebergen-Zeist Station Area

Driebergen-Zeist - The intersection at Driebergen-Zeist Station has constituted a bottleneck in the infrastructure for years.

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Driebergen-Zeist Station Area

The solution is an overpass whereby the road goes under the track. This adjustment in the infrastructure also provides an opportunity to thoroughly tackle the station itself and the station environment.

The positioning of Driebergen-Zeist Station, amid a series of estates, resulted in designing the station areas as a station estate, based on the design elements of the English landscape style. As well as a compact public-transport hub, the station is also to become a pleasant and socially safe space. Sustainability also plays a significant role, as expressed in the choice of materials, yet also in relation to the surrounding estates. ARCADIS created a complete spatial design in which the road, track and station were carefully nestled between the many monumental trees and historic estates. The plan also envisages an ecological network compensation area in line with the vision of "connecting and retaining nature". The many new and robust groups of trees around the station, bus station and roads mean the station environment is extremely green, thus forming a gateway to the Utrechtse Heuvelrug nature area.

Project data

LocationDriebergen-Zeist Google Maps
Size5 ha
TeamLuc Veeger, Jeroen Eulderink, Kees Neven, Leonoor van der Linden, Hans Smolenaers
In collaboration withArcadis Architects
Driebergen-Zeist Station Area
Driebergen-Zeist Station Area
Driebergen-Zeist Station Area
Driebergen-Zeist Station Area